BELGRADE- The ‘Green Corridors’

The so-called ‘Green Corridors’ concept should contribute to more efficient border crossings to counter hours’ long wait times, Serbia’s  Construction, Transportation and Infrastructure Minister, Zorana Mihajlovic, said on Wednesday (13 May).

The concept was designed by member states of the Central European Free Trade Agreement, the EU and the Western Balkans.

“The Serbian government passed a decision last week to support the Green Corridors, and we’ll start implementing the strategy right away. it’s a special system allowing for border operations to be carried out as fast as possible. We have tested it for international transportation operations under the state of emergency,” the minister said. 

“Twenty-seven million hours are lost at border crossings every year. The price the Western Balkans pay for it is €300 million. We expect the decision to be implemented quickly in North Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we have discussed the idea with EU member states as well. We can expect results in a month or two because this is a very important issue for economy and development,” Mihajlovic added.


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