BELGRADE  – White House meeting set for 4 September

A meeting between Kosovo and Serbian delegations hosted by the White House has been scheduled for 4 September, Pristina’s daily Koha reported on Friday (22 August).

Senior Director for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council, John Ullyot, said that National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien had invited Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti to meet in Washington on 4 September.

“The meeting is pushed back two days because of the agenda. The United States hopes for important talks with President Vučić and Prime Minister Hoti,” Ullyot said, adding that the meeting would develop economic issues between Kosovo and Serbia.

Vučić said on Friday that the representatives of Serbia and Kosovo would meet in Washington on 3 or 4 September because “there are indications” that “in case something important happens,” US President Donald Trump would attend the meeting as well.

“Negotiations on all key issues of normalisation, not recognition, are carried out under the auspices of Brussels, and this needs to be something else,”  the Serbian president told Prva TV in an interview.

The meeting in Washington, announced on 14 August by former US Ambassador to Germany and US Special Envoy for the Serbia-Kosovo negotiations, Richard Grenell, was originally scheduled for 2 September.

Talks were cancelled back in July because Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi had been summoned before the international court investigating their actions against ethnic Serbs and others during and after Kosovo’s 1998-99 independence war with Serbia.

It would appear that Trump is trying to find another foreign policy victory before the US presidential elections on 3 November.

Moscow, however, will only accept Kosovo to shift its status if the UN Security Council authorises it, said Russian Ambassador to Belgrade, Aleksandar Bocan-Harčenko.

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