BERLIN – 19,000 new infections per day by Christmas

If the country does not do more to deal with local outbreaks, “we will have 19,200 infections a day by Christmas,” the newspaper Bild reported German Chancellor Angela Merkel as saying during a call with some of her party’s top officials on Monday (28 September). The chancellor’s comments come at a time when Germany is registering more than 1,000 new COVID-19 infections each day.

The chancellor’s worst-case scenario predictions for Christmas would be more than three times higher than the previous peak in April, when new daily infections were clocked at over 6,000 in one day.

Merkel also called on policymakers to set priorities in combating the virus. Namely, she would like to focus on “keeping the economy running, keeping schools and daycare centres open,” noting that “football is secondary to this.” (Sarah Lawton |

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