BERLIN – Climate activists occupy prominent coal-fired power plant

Around 120 environmental activists broke into Datteln 4, a coal-fired power plant north of Dortmund, on Sunday morning (2 February), and proceeded to unfurl banners on two loading facilities. In the afternoon, police began evacuating the protestors, which occurred peacefully. 

Datteln 4 has been a lightning rod for environmental groups in recent weeks.

While the government plans for the country to be coal-free by 2038, the Datteln 4 plant will still be connected to the power grid in the summer, the result of a compromise between the federal government, states, and power plant operators.

According to government statements, the decommissioning of older plants will offset any additional carbon emissions from Datteln 4, but climate activists have disputed these numbers and demanded an earlier phase-out.

The operator, Uniper, has stated that it plans to file criminal charges for trespassing. 

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