BERLIN – First case of coronavirus confirmed

A 33-year-old man in Bavaria is suspected to have contracted the virus from a Chinese colleague in what is Germany’s first case of coronavirus, the health ministry confirmed yesterday (28 January). According to official reports, he is currently isolated in a hospital in Munich and is in good condition.

Although officials state that there are no other suspected cases thus far, this case is said to be the first incident of human-to-human transmission in Europe.

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The woman, who is believed to be the carrier, was in Germany for training at the company where the man works. She felt sick during the return flight to China and was only diagnosed once she was back on Chinese soil.

While she lives in Shanghai, prior to the trip she was visited by her parents from Wuhan, the city believed to be the origin of the virus that is currently under lockdown. 

This case is one of the first three human-to-human infections outside of Asia, as most of the other cases were imported by those infected during a trip to China. The death toll in China reached more than 100 as of Tuesday (28 January). (Sarah Lawton |

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