BERLIN – Thuringia: Leftist plan rejected

Thuringia’s Christian Democrats (CDU) rejected leftist Bodo Ramelow’s plan to set up a transition government under CDU leadership.

The state’s CDU rejected the proposal of Thuringia’s former Minister-President Ramelow’s of Die Linke to create a 70-day transition government under the leadership of Christine Lieberknecht (CDU), who was the state’s Minister-President from 2009 to 2014.

Under Ramelow’s original plan, Lieberknecht would prepare the state for new elections. Instead, state CDU leader Mike Mohring called for a “government of transition” that would prepare the state’s 2021 budget. The government would be fully staffed with non-partisan experts. After agreeing to a budget, Thuringia will then hold new elections. 

Mohring’s resistance to Ramelow’s suggestion is likely a move to prolong new elections, after the party’s sharp decline in recent state polls. 

Currently occupying the Minister-President’s office is Thomas Kemmerich (FDP), who was elected on 5 February with votes from the CDU and the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD). After sparking nation-wide protests for accepting votes from the AfD, Kemmerich resigned but will remain in a caretaker role until elections take place. (Sarah Lawton |

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