BRATISLAVA – Agreement on the new government

After only 13 days, the leaders of future government coalition parties reached a deal on Friday (13 March). The parties of Ordinary People’s (OĽaNO), We Are Family (Sme rodina), Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) and For People (Za ľudí) had all agreed on the distribution of posts in the cabinet at a ratio of 8:3:3:2.

SaS obtained an extra seat – the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs – as a “consolation prize” for not getting their prefered ministry of finance.

According to media reports, the foreign ministry should be headed by career diplomat Ivan Korčok, who had previously served as Permanent Representative of Slovakia to the EU as well as the plenipotentiary for the Slovak presidency in the EU Council in 2016.

The future coalition will count on obtaining 95 seats in the 150-member parliament, which would represent a constitutional majority. (Zuzana Gabrižová |


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