BRATISLAVA – Kiska steps back

Former president and leader of the centre-right party For the People, Andrej Kiska, has announced that he will not assume his mandate as an MP, citing cardiac problems as the reason. But what will his future involvement within the party look like, especially given that his party is one of the four new coalition parties?

Kiska intends to remain at the helm of the party, although it barely managed to reach the threshold to get into parliament in the latest February elections.

As one of the four new coalition parties, his party For the people will hold two posts in the new government led by Igor Matovič (OĽaNO).

The post of vice-prime minister for the regional development and investments will go to Veronika Remišová, while Mária Kolíková will assume the justice minister’s post. In other words, two of the three women in the incoming government will represent the centre-right party. (Zuzana Gabrižová |

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