BRATISLAVA – Leading feminist pushed out of public office

The director of the Department of gender equality and equality of opportunities at the country’s labour, family and social affairs ministry left her post voluntarily after nine years, she wrote on Facebook.

“I loved my work although the situation has been getting worse. The crazy campaign against the Istanbul Convention and ‘gender ideology’ has heightened the pushback against this agenda,” Olga Pietruchová wrote, adding that “the only thing we were able to do was to defend the status quo and at least abroad, try to project an image of a country honouring EU values, of the civilized world and gender equality”.

According to her, after the February elections, the ministry started to revise expert position papers of the department and is accepting the position of the Conference of Bishops of Slovakia, who systematically oppose the use of the term gender equality.

The ministry is controlled by the conservative party We are family (Sme rodina).

“We have embarked on the path of Poland and Hungary. Too many times have I seen Polish colleagues on the international fora reading statements about rejecting gender ideology and LGBTI agenda. This is something I cannot and will not do,“ Pietruchová explained. 

(Zuzana Gabrižová |

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