BRATISLAVA – Parliament approves tracking people infected with COVID-19

The country’s Public Health Office will start tracking the movements of persons infected with COVID-19 with their consent using data from telecom operators after parliament passed the so-called ‘lex corona’ bill.

Although the government backtracked from using metadata on calls and messages following criticism, it will still be possible to track the movement to identify who the person was with and whether he or she respected quarantine rules. Only the police and secret services have had access to this data so far and will still need to obtain a court authorisation under the new rules.

“A call centre operator will contact infected persons, provided they consent, they will use localisation data from telecom operators and help them remember where they were moving in a given time slot and whom they met. This way, a list of potentially infected persons will be drafted,” said PM Veronika Remišová. (Zuzana Gabrižová |

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