BRATISLAVA – Phase four begins

After ten weeks on lockdown, Slovakia’s kindergartens and grammar schools (Grades 1-5) will reopen on 1 June under strict hygienic measures. However, parents can decide whether their child will return to school in June or not.

It is just a matter of days before the smart quarantine, whereby quarantine in state facilities is replaced with at-home-quarantine monitored by an app, is implemented as it just needs some technical fine-tuning. The app will be tested on one specific border crossing and then rolled out at every entry point or border crossing.

As of Wednesday (20 May), shopping malls will be allowed to open, while indoor restaurants will be able to open but with some limitations. Theatres and cinemas will also be allowed to reopen provided the audience is limited to 100 people. Also, masks will become voluntary in outdoor spaces.

Starting Thursday (21 May), Slovaks will be allowed to travel for up to 24 hours to eight European countries without having to test negative for COVID-19 or undergo quarantine.

Asked whether holidays in Croatia would be possible, Prime Minister Igor Matovič said it would depend on the measures Croatia will take. If Croatia allows travelling from countries where the epidemiological situation is bad, Slovakia would not necessarily allow a return of its citizens without the need to quarantine. (Zuzana Gabrižová |

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