BRATISLAVA – ‘State of emergency isn’t limiting anyone’

While Slovakia has one of the world’s lowest coronavirus-related mortality rates, as well as very few new cases in the past days, the government has announced the further easing of measures starting on Wednesday (3 June) with the state of emergency still remaining in force.

“The state of emergency isn’t limiting anyone,” said Prime Minister Igor Matovič (OĽaNO), adding that “it allows us to supply hospitals with protective equipment, should we cancel it, they will need to buy them themselves.”

The borders remain effectively closed with a regime allowing short visits in neighbouring countries provided a person can prove that they live in the country.

As far as the summer holiday season goes, Matovič said they will be looking into possibilities how Slovaks could visit Croatia or Greece, where the epidemiological situation is good.

“It is a risk though because we do not know how the situation will look like in a month or two. Anyone wishing to buy a holiday by the sea is doing it on their own risks,” he added.

(Zuzana Gabrižová |

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