BRUSSELS – Belgium to follow France on lockdown-length?

Belgium’s National Security Council is set to decide this evening whether and until when the current lockdown measures will be extended. The option of 3 May was floated during the last meeting. However, as France has prolonged to 11 May, Brussels could potentially follow suit.

“We are not France and should not follow that country. But if it rains in Paris, it will drip in Brussels. That will certainly have an impact. It is the politicians who have to make the choice,” virologist Marc Van Ranst, of the Group of Experts in charge of the Exit Strategy (GEES), told VRT Niews.

Meanwhile, leading care researchers from the ULB and UNamur universities have published a scientific study on “responsible deconfinement”-

Their  solution would include maintaining social distance, setting up massive screening of the population and the implementation of large-scale procedures for testing by prioritizing workers in essential services, such as health, safety and food.

“This balance to be ensured is a matter of political choice: the groups to be screened as a priority must be defined in complete transparency, according to the demographic and socio-economic contexts of each country, and by involving the various decision-makers to increase the support of each and everyone”, their press release said.

The study, signed by two GEES members, was written before the establishment of this committee by Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès.

(Alexandra Brzozowski |


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