BRUSSELS – Defender2020 kick-off

The port of Antwerp kicked off preparations for the largest exercise in Europe by US forces in 25 years, which aims to test the delivery and mobility of military reinforcements to Europe in the context of NATO.

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This exercise, dubbed Defender 2020, will bring together about 37,000 soldiers from the US and 18 Allied countries in April and May.

Around 20,000 soldiers will be deployed from across the Atlantic, joined by 9,000 US soldiers based in Europe.

It will require the routing of some 20,000 pieces of equipment from the US to several European ports, including Antwerp, according to the Pentagon.

A first ship to carry military equipment, the British-flagged Eddystone London, docked at the Antwerp port on Monday (3 February).

The final destinations for the troops and equipment will mainly be Germany, Poland and the Baltic states, where a large part of the exercise will take place. (Alexandra Brzozowski |

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