BRUSSELS – Dutch-Flemish consultation

Flemish Minister-President Jan Jambon (N-VA) and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte are scheduled to discuss COVID-19 lockdown measures later on Monday for the first time since they talked at the start of the crisis a few weeks ago.

Jambon and Rutte are set to discuss the border situation after Belgium closed its frontiers a month ago to its neighbouring countries for non-essential travel, Jambon’s spokesperson confirmed.

Back then, the closures came after warnings by provincial governors of the presence of Dutch or German nationals despite the lockdown, or of Belgians taking advantage of the more lax confinement measures in the neighbouring countries.

At the start of the crisis, the Dutch had tried to adopt an “intelligent lockdown” by openly embracing the contentious idea of group or herd immunity. However, they dropped it after the number of cases and deaths rose sharply.

Asked whether they could also discuss a harmonisation of measures, Jambon said this would involve an examination of the infection curve of the virus in each country.

“If we’re not in the same phase, it would be logical to take different measures,” he said, in an interview with Radio 1.

(Alexandra Brzozowski |


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