Brussels in the top ten of Europe

Belgium’s capital is one of ten European regions recording the fastest-growing surge of new coronavirus cases in past weeks, Belgium’s top state virologist Marc Van Ranst said, urging authorities not to let their guard down against the virus.

“The politicians of the Brussels-Capital Region should consider how they can either better enforce or tighten up the corona measures,” Van Ranst said.

In the latest of measures announced for Brussels, a blanket rule to use a face mask in all public spaces of the cities’ 19 municipalities had been imposed, stopping short of imposing a lockdown, but urging the public to adhere to existing rules.

According to the inter-federal COVID-19 spokespeople Frédérique Jacobs and Steven Van Gucht, Belgium could face up to 400 daily new cases when schools restart.

However, the latest figures from the Sciensano public health institute show that Belgium had a daily average of 493.3 new cases between 14 and 20 August, a 15% drop compared to the week before.

A re-infection with COVID-19 was also discovered in Belgium, Van Ranst told VTM NIEUWS on Monday. In Hong Kong, researchers announced on Monday that they had discovered the world’s first proven case of re-infection with COVID-19.

“We determined the genetic sequence of these two viruses in the laboratory”, he said. “And we found that the same patient fell ill again after three months – with another virus characterized by 11 mutations.”

(Alexandra Brzozowski,

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