BRUSSELS – Nuclear reactors’ life

Doel 1 and 2, close to the border with the Netherlands, must be shut down if there is no environmental impact report by the end of 2022, Belgium’s Constitutional Court ruled and annulled a law that made it possible to keep the oldest nuclear reactors of the power plant open longer, until 2025.

In 2019, the European Court of Justice warned that the assessment should have taken place before the law extending the service life of the power stations in question was adopted.

The two reactors have been in service since 1975 and should initially have been closed in 2015, but a law introduced that year allowed the reactors work ten years longer to avoid electricity supply being compromised.

Nevertheless, the statement does not mean that the reactors must be shut down immediately.

Instead, the Court gives politicians until the end of 2022 to draft a new law, and, in case it is not adopted on time, the reactors would have to be shut down as early as 2023.

(Alexandra Brzozowski |

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