BUCHAREST – Diplomatic spat with Moldova over PM’s statement

The prime minister of Moldova, Ion Chicu, posted “disparaging” and “unacceptable” statements in social media, according to Romania’s Foreign Ministry, which on Friday (22 May) summoned the ambassador of the Republic of Moldova, after Chicu’s Facebook post. Chicu said he was not impressed by “the concerted attacks of some characters that claim to be Moldova’s advocates”.

The Moldovan PM was referring to Siegfried Muresan, a vice-chair of the EPP group in the EU Parliament, the head of the Delegation to the EU-Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee, who had often criticized his government and its answer to the COVID-19 crisis.

In his Facebook post, Chicu says Romania is the most corrupt country in Europe and also compares COVID-19 statistics between Moldova and Romania.

In reply, Muresan said Romania will continue to help the Romanians living in Moldova and that he hopes the Chisinau government won’t put obstacles in place.

Igor Dodon, the president of Moldova, took the side of his prime minister, noting – also in a Facebook post – that some MEPs make derogatory comments about Moldova and its institutions. However, Dodon tried to make amends with Bucharest, saying Moldova is grateful for the help it has received, including during the pandemic, from its external partners.(EURACTIV.ro)

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