BUCHAREST – Here we go again

Prime minister-designate Florin Citu renounced his right to form the government just a few minutes before parliament was scheduled to vote on his cabinet. Due to the coronavirus, MPs were ready to vote for the centre-right government, despite their political differences. But Citu acknowledged he was not supposed to become prime minister.

His designation was made just to attract the ire of the opposing parties and make them reject the Cabinet in the first step towards early elections.

But the scenario of early elections is no longer an option and with PNL preparing for local elections in June and general elections in November, party leader Ludovic Orban pulled the plug on the Citu-led government. In doing so, the current interim PM and potentially the new PM-designate drew the ire of its supporters and irritated some of his own ministers, as the decision was not communicated among party members.

Moreover, all opponents and even allies of PNL criticised the decision of leaving Romania without a full-power government during the coronavirus crisis.

On Thursday, 12 new COVID-19 cases were announced in Romania, bringing the total number of infected people to 59. (EURACTIV.ro)

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