BUCHAREST – No to a “new Central Europe”

Romania’s president Klaus Iohannis has rejected Viktor Orban’s proposal to build “a new Central Europe”.

“I am supporting the EU, not another entity built in a smaller, closer area,” Iohannis told reporters in Bucharest. “I don’t think we should open new fault lines inside the EU, but on the contrary, we should engage to close the existing ones,” the Romanian president added.

In a visit to Romania’s western city of Timisoara, Viktor Orbán said Hungary stands ready to build, together with its neighbours, including Romania, a new central Europe. The aim is to turn central Europe into one of the most successful and most competitive regions in the world, Orbán added.

Iohannis said he would never get involved in any initiative to create “sub-entities” in the EU, but he is determined to step in to reduce the rift between the North and the South of Europe, while he will continue to push for closing the fault line between the East and the West. (Bogdan Neagu, EURACTIV.ro)

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