BUCHAREST – Romanian government collapses after three months in office

Romania’s parliament ousted the centre-right government formed by PNL (EPP) on Wednesday (5 February) with 261 votes, comfortably more than the 233 needed, after socialist party PSD and Hungarian minority party UDMR launched a no-confidence vote following the government’s plan to reform legislation on mayoral elections.

The government was only three months in office following a no-confidence vote in October last year, which led to the toppling of the PSD government.

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With the government now ousted, this opens the way for an early election wanted by the PNL and the country’s president, Klaus Iohannis.

However, early elections can be triggered only if the Parliament rejects two successive government proposals within 60 days, and analysts are not convinced that the current MPs would want to give up their seats as many would not return to parliament.

President Iohannis said he would hold consultations with parliamentary parties on Thursday and announce a prime minister-designate in the evening. However, the president believes the ”right solution” would be holding a snap election.

For now, the current government will stay on as an interim administration, with limited powers, until a new executive is in place. (Bogdan Neagu, EURACTIV.ro)

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