BUCHAREST – Seasonal workers complain about working conditions in Germany

After 2,000 seasonal Romanian workers crowded at Cluj-Napoca airport to fly to Germany while the pandemic was in full swing in both countries just two weeks ago, these same workers are now complaining about their working conditions.

Workers have said that hygiene and social distancing rules are not respected, while some of them did not receive a labour contract, according to a letter sent to the Romanian government by the German-Romanian Association for Integration and Migration SGRIM eV.

“The fact that they are fired from one day to the next and simply thrown out on the street is above any limits! And this happens during a pandemic, with known restrictions! … The fact that these people came here, even during the pandemic, is not to be condemned, given that they no longer had anything to live on in the country. It is outrageous that their rights are not respected and that they are treated like slaves,” the letter reads.

The Romanian Embassy in Berlin posted several details regarding Germany’s labour legislation and other information for Romanian workers on Facebook, urging them not to sign documents they cannot understand.

On 2 April, Germany lifted its ban on seasonal farm workers entering the country, announcing that farms can bring in 80,000 people in April and May to harvest their crops.

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