BUCHAREST – What’s in government’s emergency ordinances?

Romania is still waiting to see what emergency ordinances were adopted in the last meeting of the government before it was dismissed by the parliament. A day before the no-confidence vote, Romania’s centre-right government adopted a large number of bills last Tuesday (4 February), causing outrage among observers and the opposition.

Most of the government decrees are yet to be published, although more than a week has passed. Apparently, many of the bills will not even be enforced, because they lacked all the needed legal checks, and, since the government was toppled by the Parliament, it is not allowed now to issue emergency decrees.

Prime minister Ludovic Orban said Friday (7 February) that some of the bills, which were considered essential to access EU funds, will be transformed into draft laws and sent to Parliament for debates. (EURACTIV.ro)

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