BUDAPEST – New, free news portal

The media website, which was launched by former journalists who resigned because they saw Index’s independence and integrity undermined, is now online. A statement read: “The journalists who resigned from at the end of July are launching a new portal called Our goal is to fill the growing void on the Hungarian media landscape and give readers back the freedom to get informed, to have something they can read.”

The entirety of Index’s staff announced their resignation in July after editor-in-chief Szabolcs Dull was fired by the management board of the media company, a move which was described by former staff as undermining Index’s independence and integrity.

Due to the appearance of pro-Fidesz circles in the companies around Index, namely Orbán-ally businessman Miklós Vaszily, many still suppose that Fidesz circles are behind the events, though this is something both management and the Hungarian government have denied.

According to Telex’s editor-in-chief and Index’s former deputy editor-in-chief, Veronika Munk, “Telex will be fair, critical and curious. We will talk about politics, economics, sports, science, entertainment stories, technology, cultural events, gastronomy in text, video and graphic genres.” “And this is just the beginning, we will constantly develop both in terms of themes and format.” she added. (Željko Trkanjec |

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