BUDAPEST – New Year’s surprise – fertility treatment not yet free

Fertility drugs and injection treatments were to become free with prescription starting on 1 January, minister for family Katalin Novák said on 19 December.

This contradicted the prime minister’s instructions published in the state’s official journal on the same day, which referred to the introduction of the new policy from 1 July.

Novák, however, seemed to confirm the 1 January date in a radio show three days later. On the first days of the year, however, Hungarians attempting to get the drugs for free at the pharmacies discovered they still had to pay.

The Ministry of Human Capacities has clarified that the drugs will only become free in the summer, in line with the date published in the state journal, reported Hungarian media.

The conservative government, known for making illegal migration a flagship issue, has been attempting to increase the country’s birth rate by introducing tax benefits, loans and programs for families with a focus on large families. As part of this program, starting from the first day of 2020, mothers raising at least four children are exempt from the personal income tax.

(Vlagyiszlav Makszimov |

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