BUDAPEST – Orbán’s ‘war plan’

The government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban is planning to put a “war plan” in place to protect the lives of citizens while ensuring the continued functioning of the country, Orbán told a public broadcaster in an interview on Saturday (12 September).

“We do not want to introduce a curfew; we do not want movement restrictions. We want everything to happen as it normally should,” he added.

Regarding the government’s aim to create as many jobs as the virus destroys first announced in April, the PM said “if you look at the numbers, you will find that we have kept our promise.”

Unemployment in Hungary rose by 5.3% in this year’s second quarter compared to the EU’s 2.7% average, according to the latest statistics released by Eurostat last Tuesday (8 September). Only Spain and Ireland presented worse figures.

Hungary registered a record daily increase of 916 new cases on Saturday, meaning that the number of known active cases in the country has increased close to four-fold compared to the number of active cases at the height of the epidemic at the beginning of May. (Vlagyiszlav Makszimov |

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