Controversy travel between Italian regions

While current travel restrictions are set to be lifted as of 3 June, the question of whether the borders of the most affected regions, such as Lombardy, Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna, should remain closed remains under discussion.

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Now that governors of various regions have expressed their willingness to adopt differing measures, the situation has become unclear for people who need to travel to Italy.

Sardinia, for example, is asking for a ‘health passport’ to be issued to anyone wishing to enter the island, certifying that they are not infected by the coronavirus.

The measure has spurred controversy, as the government deems it to be “an ambitious move, but impossible to implement.”

Foreign Affairs Minister Luigi Di Maio has advised the governors to adopt uniform measures to ensure travellers have a clear idea of the situation when moving between Italian regions.

(Alessandro Follis |

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