Croatian portal: Vucic uses COVID-19 to suspend institutions and democracy

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has used the coronavirus pandemic to declare a state of emergency, suspend the work of parliament and seize even greater power, while psychologically terrorizing Serbian citizens, threatening them with police, making daily public appearances, adopting draconian measures, and suspending civil liberties ad hoc, leading Croatian news portal reported on 9 April.

In an article titled “In times of the coronavirus pandemic, Vučić is leading Serbia to ruin” the portal writes that the problem lies not only with the president’s associates, but with the president himself, “as once again it turned out that he does not possess the capacities he is so sure he does, and even if he were a Superman, it would not be enough to successfully organize the government’s fight against coronavirus, nor to motivate the citizens to be more compliant and show more solidarity.” 

What is more, with his ceaseless verbal outbursts, threats and self-praise, Vucic has been sending out contradictory messages and consequently causing panic, the portal wrote. The text also mentions the cases of  “prompt arrests for spreading panic,” “scandalous Skype trials,” and “the arrest of journalist Ana Lalic, who wrote about a lack of equipment in the Novi Sad hospital.” 

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