Croatia’s economic strategy for the crisis

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković spoke about Croatia’s economic strategy for the crisis and told Euronews in an interview over the weekend that “our measures were swift and very forthcoming and efficient and have made excellent economic results so far.

What we intend to do with these measures is to alleviate the pressure on our economy and the estimation that our GDP is going to drop by several percent.”

Euronews quoted Maruska Vizek, director of the Economic Institute in Zagreb, as saying that government’s measures to stem the economic crisis were “substantial”, but noted that their usefulness would be short term – “two or three months”.

According to Vizek, “it is debatable Croatia can overcome a long term crisis without the help of the IMF or issuance of Euro Bonds,” The International Monetary Fund has estimated Croatia will suffer a 9% drop in its GDP. (Karla Junicic,

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