CSU launched campaign against speed limits on the Autobahn

The Christian Social Union (CSU) began its campaign against speed limits on the Autobahn. The issue has resurfaced in German politics in light of growing environmental concerns and recent studies that indicate that introducing a speed limit could save lives on German motorways.

According to the CSU, their petition against introducing speed limits gained 10,000 signatures in its first two days. CSU Secretary-General Markus Blume attributes its popularity to a backlash against “the constant craze for bans.”

But this issue divides Germany’s Grand Coalition. The Social Democrats (SPD) are in favour of speed limits and large parts of the Christian Democrats (CDU and CSU) against.

However, with Andreas Scheuer (CSU), an outspoken opponent of Autobahn speed limits, leading the transport ministry, it appears unlikely that Germany will introduce these speed limits any time soon. (Sarah Lawton | EURACTIV.de

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