Cyprus to block Belgian travellers

From 20 June, Cyprus is set to welcome tourists and travellers from 19 countries, which will not have to go into quarantine upon arrival. One of the exceptions is Belgium.

According to a statement by the Cypriot ministry of transport, 19 European countries have been put into two categories, based on their epidemiological state-of-play. 

Category A consists of Germany, Austria, Malta, Greece, Israel, Bulgaria, Finland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Norway, Denmark and Hungary from which tourists will not have to submit a negative COVID-19 test before their travel, according to the Cypriot authorities.
Category B includes Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Croatia and Estonia, where tourists will have to show a certificate of a negative test, taken 72 hours before departure.
Belgium has not been included in either category, which would make Cyprus the second country to block Belgians from entering a country after Latvia published a list of countries they recommend their citizens do not visit, including Belgium.
France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Sweden are not in any list either.
(Alexandra Brzozowski |

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