Dacic: Biden’s ‘option’ not better for Serbia

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić said on Friday (21 August) that the “option” presented by US presidential candidate Joe Biden would not be better for Serbia than “this one,” but stressed that Serbia did not interfere with US elections.

“It is a matter for the Serbian American citizens who live there. They are aware who said what and chose which options in the past, and this made a majority of votes in the last election go to Trump,” the foreign minister told Happy TV.

He said the federal states in the US occasionally swung a different way in the presidential vote, which “practically means – in order for Trump to get the ballots of Serbs there – those Serbs have to think better of him than of Biden.”

“Admittedly that’s not hard considering Biden’s statements about Serbs and Serbia, and the closeness of the Democrats with Albanian lobbyists,” Dačić added.

However, the foreign minister called Biden “an experienced, realistic politician,” noting that “whatever he may have said before and whatever votes he expects from the Albanian diaspora, he will have to find a way to align his positions with America’s real interests at this time.”

The minister also commented on the political crisis in Belarus, highlighting that it is “an internal matter for Belarus”. “We don’t want to interfere. All we want is for everything to be solved peacefully and through dialog,” Dačić said. (EURACTIV.rs  betabriefing.com)

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