Di Maio open to ESM fund, criticizes ‘frugals’

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio clarified that there is no ideological battle with regards to the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), the EU’s bailout fund, adding that “there is an open negotiation at international level. We trust our PM Giuseppe Conte.”  

In reference to the negotiations on the EU Recovery Fund, the minister said that “a negative attitude” such as Austria’s “can undermine the achievement of the EU’s common interests, starting from the single market, from which everyone benefits”. 

“This is an unprecedented crisis, we need to rebuild the single market and help the sector which suffered the most, but also strengthen the foundations of our economy”, Di Maio added.

The government also prepared a reform plan that is going to be funded by the EU Recovery Fund. Economy Minister Roberto Gualtieri stressed that “there is no time to lose to avoid an economic depression.” (Alessandro Follis | EURACTIV.it)

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