Domestic violence increases in France during COVID-19 lockdown

Secretary of State for Gender Equality, Marlène Schiappa, has revealed a dramatic increase in domestic violence cases since the lockdown started about two weeks ago. While domestic violence across France increased by “32% in one week”, in Paris it rose by as much as 36%.

On the day that President Emmanuel Macron announced sweeping plans to go into a 15-day period of enforced lockdown from Tuesday, concerns also arose as to the potential increase in cases of gender-based domestic violence, following a previous surge in China under similar conditions.

However, addressing the situation remains quite tricky as “the victims are on lockdown with their abusers”, said the French secretary of state.

At the same time, the emergency number to report domestic abuses has received fewer calls, which means that “it’s difficult to call when you’re locked up with the abuser”, she added.

Meanwhile, the French government is trying to arrange an emergency warning system in pharmacies, grocery stores, as well as online(

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