DUBLIN – Future Ireland-UK relations

Monday marked a “really good day for Ireland and the UK,” Irish leader Leo Varadkar said yesterday, after meeting Northern Ireland First and Deputy First Ministers, on the day the power-sharing coalition at the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont was restored.

Varadkar also took time yesterday to sit down with the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, where the pair spoke about the future EU-UK relationship, post-Brexit.

Meanwhile, in a new report published by the UK’s Institute for Government, the think-tank states that Johnson’s government “will almost certainly be unable to implement the Northern Ireland Protocol by December 2020.”

“The responsibility for implementing the provisions falls entirely on the UK,” the report states, adding that the failure to do so may mean the “European Commission could start infringement proceedings and the UK could end up being fined by the ECJ (European Court of Justice).” (Samuel Stolton, EURACTIV.com)

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