€2.5 billion by September to help schools reopen

Italian Public Education Minister Lucia Azzolina confirmed on Monday (29 June) that €2.5 billion are available to help the reopening of schools in September.

“We have €1.5 billion from the ‘Recovery decree’ and an additional billion coming from unused funds from the national operative programme of the public education ministry,” Azzolina confirmed in an interview.

“The funds are going to be spent on new equipment, especially single desks with modern features to use the available space in a more practical way. We are also thinking about the restoration of abandoned facilities, as well as having more teachers,” Azzolina said.

“It’s difficult to make decisions for September in our current state, in which the future epidemiological situation remains unclear. The current guidelines are valid now but we don’t know yet if they will be in September,” the minister concluded.

Azzolina also addressed the issue of plexiglass barriers, which were reportedly considered to become a measure for students to keep minimum social distances between each other. 

“The adoption of plexiglass barriers in the classrooms was never put in an official document. It was just one of the many possibilities considered by the Scientific and Technical Committee. Any speculation about plexiglass barriers is therefore fake news,” she said.

(Alessandro Follis | EURACTIV.it)

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