Epidemiologist: We are dealing with a coronavirus shockwave, no time to discuss democracy

Epidemiologist and Crisis Headquarters member Branislav Tiodorovic said Serbia is dealing with “a [coronavirus] shockwave that is sure to last until (Orthodox) Easter [19 April], which is an optimistic estimate and depends on [people] keeping social distance.”

“If we all adhere to [the measures] and stop questioning the reasons why this or that measure has been enacted, then, if the weather works in our favour, we will be able to stop holding our breaths sometime around mid-May,” Tiodorovic in an interview for the 9 April issue of the Nedeljnik weekly.

“This doesn’t mean,” he stressed, “that in May we’ll be free to do whatever we want.” He recalled that the Chinese experts who had come to Serbia “suggested quarantine as a priority, i.e. social distancing, since house isolation is not that reliable, as well as setting up these special hospitals, all of which we have accepted.”

“In the state of emergency, people are threatened and the same goes for this situation. I am absolutely all in favour of developing democracy, but this is not the time to discuss it, but a time when we have to act together, act accordingly and come out of this situation without being burdened by politics or political aspirations,” Tiodorovic said.

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