EU institutions: Measures for employees working remotely

As part of their remote working programme, the European Commission has had to make a number of changes to how employees are able to carry out their work from distance.

There have been concerns that the security of internal networks could be compromised with so many employees working remotely, and in this vein, the executive is constantly ‘monitoring’ the situation. Samuel Stolton has the detail.

One Commission official informed EURACTIV of the measures taken, which include:

  • We have scaled up our remote connection infrastructure in the last days to ensure enough capacity for all staff with corporate laptops. We give connection priority to staff working on corporate laptops.
  • We have advised Commission staff in advance to use corporate laptops to ensure a secure connection and full access to their IT resources.
  • Today [Tuesday 17/03] we have around 30 000 staff connected without saturation of the Commission network. We are constantly monitoring and adapting to the significantly increased number of teleworkers (i.e. ten times as much as on normal days before the Coronavirus crisis).
  • All staff is asked to bring their meetings online using the available corporate tools

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