EU Parliament focuses on Polish rule of law and ‘LGBT-free zones’

Poland is moving away from European values, MEP and chair of the Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Juan Fernando López Aguilar, told the plenary during a debate on the draft report on the rule of law in Poland, which is critical of the activities of the Law and Justice Commission in the area of law and justice.

“We want a message in which we want Poland to return to the values of the European Union. The EU is neither a foreign power nor an extraterrestrial ship. We also represent Polish citizens in this assembly,” Aguilar added.

During the debate, PiS MEP Jadwiga Wiśniewska commented on the report, saying it portrays the situation in Poland as one “detached from reality”.

For his part, Polish socialist MEP Łukasz Kohut said “the government of Law and Justice must take responsibility for its actions”, adding that “Poland is not Law and Justice”.

Rule of law issues in Poland were repeatedly compared to the situation in Hungary, against which Article 7 proceedings has also been initiated in connection with the actions of Prime Minster Victor Orbán and his ruling Fidesz party. (Agata Pyka |


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