France plans to relocate its sanitary industry

French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Tuesday (16 June) during a visit to a Sanofi plant in the Rhône region that the government has plans to relocate the sanitary industry.

The president took the opportunity to bury the hatchet with the pharmaceutical group following a controversy sparked by the statements made by the company’s boss last month.

While there are fewer new COVID-19 cases each day, President Macron announced on Tuesday the next steps to relocate plants in the health sector in France, speaking to reporters alongside the head of the Sanofi group which will create two French sites for vaccine research and production.

Following a visit to the Sanofi site at Marcy-l’Étoile, in the Rhône, the French president also promised to set up a “planning mechanism” for French production in the health sector by the summer, as well as a €200 million package to finance production infrastructure. 

The company should also relocate paracetamol production, according to the president. The drug was still produced in France in 2008 when the chemical company Rhodia decided to close its site due to insufficient profitability.

At that time, the CGT union underlined that producing paracetamol in France was a “public health” issue. They appear to have been right – though 10 years too early. (EURACTIV.FR)

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