Germany and France stand up for Prague in light of China’s threats

EU member states have expressed their solidarity with the Czech Republic after Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that Czech Senate speaker, Miloš Vystrčil (ECR), would have to “pay a heavy price” for violating the One China principle by organising an official visit to Taiwan.

“We as Europeans act in close cooperation – we offer our international partners respect, and we expect the exact same from them,” said German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas at a briefing in Berlin on Tuesday (1 September) after holding talks with Wang Yi.

“Threats don’t fit in here,” he added.

France and Slovakia echoed the same sentiments. For instance, France’s foreign ministry spokesperson said that “any threat to the EU’s member state is unacceptable.”

Meanwhile, Czech MEPs Markéta Gregorová (Greens/EFA) and Michaela Šojdrová (EPP) asked EU High Representative Josep Borrell to officially stand up for the Czech Republic.

“I ask you to express to your Chinese counterparts what European solidarity means – that a threat against one member state is a threat against all of us,” wrote Gregorová in her letter.

“We, as the representatives of the European Union, ask you, to protest against the tone of the People’s Republic of China’s reaction to the free decision of the President of the Czech Senate,” said Šojdrová, who issued a second letter addressed to Borrell.

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