Greece – Watch out with pesticides’ ambitions

Greek agriculture minister Makis Voridis has called on the European Commission to look again at its ambitions to further reduce pesticides and fertilisers in the new Farm to Fork strategy.

He said no additional pressure should be put on growers across Europe and a further reduction in tackling pests, especially in the light of emerging threats due to climate change and increasing external trade.

In this regard, Voridis said that member states are already facing problems of unfair competition from imports of products from third countries, in the manufacture of which active substances banned in the Union have been used.

The previous leftist Syriza government had kept a cautious approach in the pesticide debate last year, which was sparked by glyphosate’s re-approval.

Although it voted against its renewal, in practice a couple of months later, it renewed the use of glyphosate for 5 years.

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