HELSINKI – Building a budgetary bridge

Finland is now adopting the role as mediator between the so-called ‘frugal group’, which wants the budget to be set at 1% of member state’s gross national income (GNI), and the ‘Friends of Cohesion’ who want the wealthier countries to contribute more and consider the cuts to be too significant.

Now that the UK has left the EU, Finland wants a budget worth 1.06% of the EU’s GNI and hopes the rebates from which certain countries benefit, will be ditched.

Finland appears to be adopting a mediator role because European Council Charles Michel’s proposal of 1.074% of the Union’s GNI is not far from the Finnish proposal which the country presented during its EU Council Presidency in late 2019.

During the negotiations, Finland will highlight that the countries benefiting from the budget must respect the rule of law, good governance and the common EU values. It will also note that countries receiving money from the transition fund must commit to the climate neutrality targets and that the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) should not be subjected to drastic cuts. (Pekka Vänttinen |

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