HELSINKI – Extending emergency legislation until 13 May

On Monday, the Finnish government decided to extend its emergency legislation for a month until 13 May. Restaurants will have to close immediately, while ferries between Finland and Sweden will carry only goods and freight and passenger traffic is terminated. 

Finland had diagnosed 1,313 coronavirus infections as of yesterday, an increase of 95 from the day before. The number of deaths is 13.

The authorities also stated that the number of diagnosed coronavirus infections do not seem to increase exponentially the way it did last week. 

This, according to health care specialists can be interpreted as proof that restrictions and intensive testing are working in a positive way. Borders are closed and the county of Uusimaa, including Helsinki, has been isolated from the rest of the country until 19 April.

In the same breath, the authorities reminded that there will be challenging times ahead and patience is needed. Also adopted measures such as testing have to be intensified. In proportion, Finland is now testing its citizens even more than South Korea. (Pekka Vänttinen |

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