HELSINKI – Nordic electronic ID card in the making

Two Finnish ministers from the Swedish People’s Party of Finland, Anna-Maija Henriksson and Thomas Blomqvist, are pressing for the faster introduction of an electronic ID card which would work in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland as part of the government’s digitalisation plans, as first reported by News from Finland. 

The proposal for the five-nation ID card was first recommended by the Nordic Council in 2017 and could prove to be a nice fit with the long tradition of citizens in the region already being allowed to travel and reside in other Nordic countries.

For the time being, Denmark and Norway have made the most progress when it comes to technological preparatory work.

The Nordic Passport Union developed in three stages.

Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland abolished passports for travel between the countries in 1952. Two years later, the agreement extended to allow citizens to reside and work in any of the countries without a residence or work permit. In 1966, Iceland joined the Union to benefit from the agreement. [Pekka Vänttinen |]

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