HELSINKI – Social Democrats on the rise

Two recent surveys released in the third week of April show that the Social Democratic Party has substantially increased its popularity.

The SDP now enjoys the backing of 20.4%, 3.3% more than a month before, meaning it has pushed the populist Finns Party narrowly down to second place, as it has lost 1.4% of its support and is now at 20.2%.

The popularity of the SDP, chaired by Prime Minister Sanna Marin, seems to largely come at the expense of some other parties in the five-party government.

The Greens, Left Alliance and the Swedish People’s Party have all lost support, while the only other party in the government next to SDP gaining ground is the Centre Party. Led by Finance Minister Katri Kulmuni, the party is now gathering 12.6% in the polls.

Overall, the centre-left coalition is now more popular than a month before. It has a 55.8% support among the electorate, an increase of 3.3%. 

(Pekka Vänttinen |

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