HELSINKI – Suicide spikes amid COVID-19

The number of suicides in Finland has risen by 15% compared to March and April the year before, according to the national police board’s latest numbers.

While Finland’s suicide rate is generally quite high, it has gone down by 20% in the past ten years. However, COVID-19 appears to have altered this trend. 

According to mental health experts the reason for the increase may not necessarily be the virus per se, but the fact that those needing care have not been looking for it. In normal times, the spring season is also when more people attempt or commit suicide.

However, this year, the clinics have remained quiet. The number of patients in the Helsinki and Uusima health district was 20% fewer than normal.

This year’s spring season has also seen an increase in domestic violence. 3,000 more home disturbance complaints were reported to law enforcement compared to the usual number at this time of the year. (Pekka Vänttinen |

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