HELSINKI – Violence against women on the rise

Every other woman in Finland has experienced physical or sexual violence after the age of fifteen, according to new research coming out of Tampere University. EURACTIV’s Pekka Vänttinen looks into the dissertation’s findings.

The numbers collected from hospital data and through questionnaires are disturbingly high but the circumstances are hardly surprising. Denmark is another Scandinavian country that is topping the family violence list.

Acts of violence most often take place at night and usually involve excessive alcohol consumption. Also, family structures and social support proved to be poor among the victims and participants.

Domestic violence in Finnish society has been a prevailing dilemma for some time, with measures having been taken, but to no concrete avail.

Strangely, and ironically, the two Scandinavian countries that have a high rate of violence against women are also often heralded as “the happiest” in the world. (Pekka Vänttinen |

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