Hight Representative: Separate RS entity medicines agency is dangerous

“The Republika Srpska Army will not be formed,” High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina Christian Schmidt has said. [EPA-EFE / FEHIM DEMIR]

The National Assembly of BiH’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity adopted the Bill on Medicines and Medical Devices, which foresees the establishment of a Medicines Agency contesting the powers of BiH’s Agency for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices. High Representative Christian Schmidt immediately responded, pointing out that the law “constitutes a severe challenge to the competencies and the unimpeded functioning of the BiH Agency.

Under the Constitution of BiH, entities are obliged to comply fully with the Constitution and decisions of state institutions, he added.

All opposition MPs boycotted the vote saying it could lead to more problems in the already tense situation in BiH.

Schmidt said that a “rollback on this reform is a direct act against public health safeguards and with that a dangerous and unnecessary risk to the lives and the wellbeing of all BiH citizens.”

The US stands ready to use “all available sanctions” against those who undermine or facilitate the undermining of the Dayton Peace Agreement, announced the US embassy in Sarajevo.

The EU and US published a joint statement on Western Balkans.

“The United States and the EU are united in their firm support for the territorial integrity of BiH, as well as in their joint work to promote electoral and constitutional reform and maintain the functionality of its state institutions.  We have serious concerns about increasingly divisive rhetoric in BiH,” the joint statement reads.

“We call on all parties to respect and protect state institutions, resume constructive dialogue, and take steps to advance progress on the EU integration path – including on relevant reforms. The EU and the United States stand ready to facilitate these steps,” it also said.

(Željko Trkanjec | EURACTIV.hr)

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