Irish focus on mental health in times of coronavirus self-isolation

Ireland’s Health Service Executive has released guidance on taking care of your mental health, as workers across the continent adopt measures to self-isolate amid the coronavirus outbreak.

In order to mitigate some of the potentially negative ramifications of the Coronavirus isolation, the HSE recommends regular exercise and balanced sleeping patterns, as well as maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and practising relaxation techniques.

Meanwhile, Ireland’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan said on Monday (16 March) that the next seven days would prove vital in the country’s efforts to curb the spread of the virus.  As of Monday evening, there were 221 cases on the island of Ireland and two deaths.

The Irish advice comes after the World Health Organization released their own guidelines recently, highlighting the fact that the “crisis in generating stress in the population.”

The advice has been offered to those in a range of roles, including heath care workers, team leaders, adult and child caretakers, people in isolation, and the general population.

“Protect yourself and be supportive to others. Assisting others in their time of need can benefit the person receiving support as well as the helper,” one of the recommendations read.

(Samuel Stolton |


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